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PhD candidate - lbj school - ut austin

I am a Civil Engineer and Master of the Catholic University of Chile, currently pursuing a Ph.D. in public policy at UT Austin. My research interests include public policies related to public infrastructure development, and housing policies in Chile and Latin America — including, currently, low-income renting and sharing in Latin America and affordable housing. I have experience in managing infrastructure projects and interdisciplinary teamwork. In the past, I oversaw important infrastructure projects at the Catholic University in Chile. My future goals are to combine my experience in managing infrastructure projects with the training in public policy to work in developing public infrastructure and affordable housing policies in Chile. I am a Fulbright fellow, and my research is supported by the National Agency of Research and Development (ANID) in Chile.

I have a great social conviction. I always focus my work on service, excellence, and everyone’s wellbeing. I have the ability to face challenges, also I have the will for continuous learning, this is reflected in my decision to start my Ph.D. in public policy after several years of work experience. I have a great ability to lead teams, and I have strong skills to socialize and empathize with the people I work with. My academic experience is an important skill too, I can apply this experience to my work, by instructing in a good manner my peers and people who work under my supervision. I am proactive and autonomous. I have a huge interest in working in the public sector in areas such as urban planning, housing, social policies, and public infrastructure.